Self books – these are recommended for happiness – which is a precursor to relationship happiness.

  • Nonviolent Communication – Marshel Rosenberg, was involved in the peace talks for international community.
  • Managing your mind – Gillian Butler, one of the founders of modern psychology.
  • 7 Habbits of Highly Effective People – Get past the happy feel good stuff & he has some very good points about finding happiness.
  • The four agreements – Ruiz writes an amazing interpretation of perspective here, I have two copies as one is not enough to loan out to friends.
  • 6 Pillars of self-esteem – Nathaniel Branden.  I am internally derived on my valuation system.  For whatever reason it does not seem I can just pass it along to people, so I recommend this book for people that want to explore their own valuations.

Relationship books

Reading list for later – I’m not as big on the religious aspects & flowery language – but there’s a lot of useful things from the editors at Brain Pickings …


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