Contextual Disclaimer

As someone with diagnosed A.D.H.D under D.S.M. 4 and very likely Autism Spectrum with A.D.H.D. (unofficial but acknowledged by my doctor, I have not gone to see specialist), I struggle to include the entire context of my life and experiences in a way that allows the reader to understand presentations of healthy relationships.

Note:  Read positional disclaimer which is the first of my disclaimers.

You are receiving a snapshot the ideas, the beliefs and the random conversations condensed…

To express this another way … imagine you see a truck in a drive way.  The tire is flat.

When you tell someone else that your truck got a flat tire several different scenarios could come to mind.  Some people might infer you did not take care of the car and assume it was via neglect it happened.  Other’s might guess you live in a bad neighborhood and the car tire was vandalized by someone else.  Yet another person thinks that all tire companies are cost cutting and you should sue the company who made the tire.  A few thoughtful people will ask what happened instead of assuming.

Then there is the common internet thug.  They will take whatever is presented and twist it maliciously.  I cringe at the thought of how people will present my writing for their own use.  We see this often when people talk politics, social issues or religion.    I have read enough discussions to know exactly the type of trash people sling.

For brevity’s sake, certain assumptions are made…

Everything I state for healthy relationships should be in the context of full disclosure, sanity and good will.  I might drill down in to negativity, but mostly I will gloss past the positive things as they do not hold people back and often the positive motivations will vary far more than any negative patterns that arise.

More to come

I will attempt to add things when I think of them …