No anger in ending relationships…

Real love evokes sadness, not anger when done with that relationship.

If you feel mad at someone, you gave too much without enough in return.  You trusted too blindly in your fairy tale vision. In that it did your talking for you.  Then it turns out they didn’t see that movie which you took the fairy tale from.  People who lash out after their relationships were faking or forcing it.  They are also blaming heavily.  Sometimes, rightly so, sometimes the acts they blame for the break up were caused because the two people just did not work.

If it was not working.  You can’t make someone live the role you envision forever.  They need an outlet for themselves.  Either they will rebel against your expectations or create another life.  You might or might not know about the way they remain true to themselves.  Maybe you do and you don’t recognize it … maybe they love doing something you hate.  Where love comes into play is that you make it work, you look beyond yourself – this is not to say you blindly trust they are right for you, just that you are not in it just for yourself.  We see this with some people do this with space and having different friends circles or nights where they get away to be themselves.  The ladies go dance and the guys sit in the man cave acting like teenagers again, because they aren’t responsible for their partner’s feelings or happiness on that night, in that place.

When you can’t …

  • It’s not the end of the world – I assure you, it spins on…
  • It’s not a time to scream – If you are that angry, thank them for making it easy to be done
  • It’s not a time to cry – they showed you some of the things you want in people

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