We are all poly!

Unless you are Grumpy Cat … Grumpy Cat purportedly loves no one, except the person who feeds him.

Otherwise, you are poly.

What?  Yes … you are poly, but you do not know it, nor do you acknowledge you openly practice it.

How?  Well, …

  1. have you ever used the phrase, “first love”?
  2. Do you or have you ever had parents to love.
  3. Have you had kids?
  4. Have you had more than one girlfriend/boyfriend?
  5. Have you ever had a pet?

Answering these questions may make you realize you are poly-amorous.

There are people who practice romantic poly-amory and people who do not … this does not change the fact, however you want to slice it, if you have lived at all in your life … you have probably loved more than one person.

Most people will never practice the romantic poly as described in blogs and movies around the world.  It takes time and effort.  It takes an open minded approach.  It takes real interest.  It takes looking past the mistakes of people fumbling through their hearts.  It takes getting past the predators in the world.

This is the common view point though, Love.

It is the starting point from which all people begin.  Some live in fear of being hurt all of their life and never get to experience everything they want.  Some do not have the time to chase their relationships.  Some simply prevented by other things.  Their life spins off in intense bouts of lust lasting about two years and then they end up marrying.  A few lucky ones end up with people that make them happy all of their lives and majority stick it out for various reasons or end up divorcing in order to restart the lust cycle or serial monogamy.


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